Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Recession Bracelet

Update-I found a bracelet on ebay that really looks quite similar to the original. It is not a solid link design but for a whopping $16 shipped, I wasn't going to argue :) Tag should really be ashamed at the price they try to get for these bracelets. There is really no justification for it in my opinion.

After five years of fairly regular wear and abuse, the stock bracelet on my Tag Formula One was looking a bit pooped. It had gotten loose and some of the links appeared to have been stretched and laterally twisted a bit. Under ordinary circumstances, I would have just sprung for a new factory bracelet and let that be that. However, at well over $200 for an OEM bracelet, the economy and the wreckage of my portfolio ruled that option out.

My poor man's solution to this problem was to very carefully Dremel down the end links on an old Hadley Roma bracelet that I got a few years earlier. It is a well made Breitling style solid link bracelet whose heft nicely balances the beefy Formula One.

I'm quite happy with the results of this project. For no out of pocket cost, I was able to put an old favorite back into the rotation.
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